The Graduate Choir NZ Auditions

New singers are very welcome to audition at any time

Some essential information

Prospective singers are warmly invited to attend a regular rehearsal as our guest before auditioning. This can be arranged by contacting the Director of Music.

Although the choir is a group of mostly young singers, membership is open to singers of all ages. 

Prior choral experience is desirable although not necessary (see Competencies below)

Choir holidays/breaks normally follow the pattern of state school holidays. Occasionally extra rehearsals may be called, especially immediately before a performance.

A good sense of commitment, teammanship and support for each other are strong features of the choir.  

Singers in The Graduate Choir NZ are expected to demonstrate this by:

  • attending all rehearsals/performances
  • arriving on time to rehearsals/performances
  • showing good communication and courtesy if circumstances prevent attendance
  • working well in a team and demonstrating loyalty to each other
  • learning/revising music at home between rehearsals
  • organising and prioritising your time to meet choir commitments
  • being willing to access and read the weekly electronic Rehearsal Summaries

 Below are the competencies desired for admission to the choir:

Essential competencies

  • A good sense of commitment
  • An ability to sing well in tune
  • A good, musical ear
  • An ability to contribute to the sound of the choir and to blend with other voices

Preferred competencies

  • An ability to understand printed music and to sight-sing
  • Experience with part-singing
  • An ability to be a well-organised person

You can contact the Director of Music here


To request an audition please fill in the form below:

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What to expect at the audition

  • Scale singing (major keys, descending)
  • Some ear-tests
  • A short piece of sight-reading
  • One verse of the NZ National Anthem, from memory, in English, sung unaccompanied in one of the following keys:
    • Bb (soprano)
    • Eb (alto/countertenor)
    • A (tenor)
    • F (baritone)
    • C (bass)
  • A short informal chat – your opportunity, too, to ask questions

Every effort will be made to ensure that you are completely at ease at the audition.  The result of the audition and a full report will be emailed to you.

For more information you are cordially invited to contact the Director of Music:

Phone: (09) 634 2946