The Graduate Choir New Zealand

About the Choir

The Graduate Choir NZ is one of New Zealand’s premier mixed voice choirs. It was established in 2001 initially for school-leavers in South Auckland who wanted to keep singing with their Music Director - Terence Maskell. The name was born at the time of the choir's first public performance when it was pointed out by the organiser that the founding members of the choir were primarily "graduates" from high school. 

The rehearsal base of the choir is at One Tree Hill College, Penrose, and the choir is an essentially “young” demographic of around 36 singers, with several of the foundation choristers continuing to be valued singers and leaders in the choir. The choir is also informally known as "The Grads" and has performed in a range of venues; famous cathedrals, modern concert halls and even on the hallowed turf of Eden Park! 

The Graduate Choir NZ  is known for the warmth and breadth of its sound and the unique cultural blend of its voices. The singers in the choir come from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds across Auckland, bringing the varied passions and love of music that are part of those diverse backgrounds together to form the soul of the choir. 

Giving this soul a voice was a founding principle of the choir in 2001 in South Auckland, and it is the same soul that will carry The Graduate Choir NZ into the future. The singers and their Director of Music are united in their desire to excel: to give the finest performances of the finest music in the choral repertoire. This includes music that ranges from early Renaissance works and the mainstream choral repertoire, through to choral jazz, New Zealand music and modern choral works.